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About Richfield


The Company has been providing professional services so that old districts, rundown living environment, isolated clusters of buildings could be redeveloped into modern and convenient community and the supply of residential areas, outlook and vigour of the whole district are improved.

Government data indicated that, there were about 4,100 blocks built more than 50 years ago as at October 2012, and 6,000 blocks built more than 50 years ago as at October 2014. Under the circumstances, the Company is devoted to continue developing and enhancing its professional agency service as its mission.

The Company recognizes the urgent needs in replacing aging and rundown buildings, bad and crowded living environment with modern facilities and neighbourhoods. These needs can only be met by redeveloping old buildings. Hence, acquiring old buildings and merging ownerships are urgently required in order to face lifting most parts of Hong Kong.

The Company understands the limitation of land supply, sees the importance of urban renewal, cares about the flat owners who have been living in the old urban areas for most parts of their lives, and deserve a more convenient neighbourhood with modern and accessible facilities.

In the midst of low interest rate environment and tight demand-supply balance of housing units, the demand and needs of urban residential property is growing continuously. The Company is still optimistic in the local property assembly and property development business.

Meanwhile, the Company will continue to explore the best possible business development outcomes, and enhance the benefit of shareholders overcome the challenges ahead.

The Company is committed to provide high quality service for the benefits of the Hong Kong community.

richfield website previews3-10